Tuesday, August 3, 2010

How Gratitude Can Make Your Dreams Come True

The other day, I read a quote that said something to the effect that when we have a desire for something and concentrate on it, while simultaneously giving thanks for what we already have, we will actually manifest that desire. That is a powerful thought. Then again, gratitude is a powerful life force.
When I begin the process of being grateful, I notice that my energy changes directions. Whereas I might  have previously been negatively focused on the things I didn’t have and feeling sorry for myself, I try my best to simply look around me and list all the things for which I am grateful. Amazingly, when I shift my thinking and begin to count my blessings, everything begins to change for the better, and those things that I desire begin to unfold before me. It is as simple as that.
Through gratitude all things are possible.

We all have those times when we find ourselves mired too deeply into negative thinking. I know that when it happens to me, I need some inspiration to get into the mindset of gratitude. What works for me is a great little gift book that I found online by Kim Serafini, an expert on the use of Positive Psychology. The book is called “I Am Gr8ful For Life,” and I refer to it often. It contains all kinds of suggestions, resources and reminders for how to evoke gratitude in one’s heart and mind. I can’t recommend it highly enough! You can find it here, on her web site at: http://www.iamgr8ful.com. There is no better way to get back on track with the kind of positive thinking that leads to the paths of gratitude and appreciation.
There are many principles that we can apply to our lives to make it better. Things such as order, simplicity and harmony are among them. However, without gratitude, none of it works. Gratitude truly is the key to success. Giving thanks sets a spiritual law into motion that says “The more you have and are grateful for, the more will be given you.”
I find that as I focus on the abundance that I have such as the love, the shelter, the food, the friends, the sunshine etc., I begin to draft a blueprint for my future. I feel satisfied and fulfilled. As it turns out, this is gratitude at work, literally transforming my dreams into my reality. I don’t even have to understand how it works, just so long as I follow the path of gratitude. Each and every time, I wind up exactly where I am supposed to be.
One way to prepare my mind to focus on gratitude is to seek out a state of total relaxation. When I am nice and relaxed, it is easier to concentrate. This is the first step in manifesting what I would like to have. One way to reach that deep state of relaxation is through something called “Lithos Therapy”. This is a new discovery for me. The therapy involves both heated and chilled rock instruments (similar to marble sculptures, not river stones) being used during a massage to evoke a peaceful state of relaxation. You can read more about it at: http://www.lithos.com.au/WhatIs.php.


  1. Yes, the power of positive thinking does bring a lot of good things, not only to a person’s outlook in life, but also in his/her perception of things.
    Gratefulness is one key trait that most people lack. People normally tend to take things for granted thinking that anything that is normal to them, or the things they are usually getting, are just nothing but a part of their normal day-to-day lives. Not thinking that what they have now, may very well be the thing(s) that others desire and are deprived of. People need to be grateful for everything they have, as living a comfortable life is not a right, but a privilege.
    The powers of positive thinking and gratefulness are two of the most powerful elements in achieving the best things in life (o rather, seeing the best things out of life).