Sunday, October 3, 2010

How the Power of Gratitude Can Help You to Achieve Your Dreams

Many people do not take time out of their lives to think about all of the good things they currently have and be grateful. Possibly, you may have already spent a lot of time trying to get ahead in life but despite this, you continue to struggle. I will explain how just by changing your mindset a little you can begin to turn your life around.
How many times per day do you stop and give thanks for the little joys in your daily life? Most people are simply programmed to be negative or have expectations about how life is supposed to be. Part of this is fueled by the unrealistic expectations that society places on everyone to be perfect and to have it all.
Why not just take things one day at a time and be happy for the progress that you make each day? Bestselling author, coach and mentor Kim Serafini has put together an amazing new book to help you take time out of your day to focus on being grateful and appreciative of the small things in life.
Her book,  i am gr8ful for life , is a beautiful guide complete with photographs that is full of positive thoughts and small gems of positive knowledge for you to consider each day as you wake up. You can download a copy of this book at Some of the things that you can consider when you wake up are family, your health and being in the position to make changes in your life.

As you are reading this, you have already taken a step to making positive change in your life that will allow you to achieve your dreams. Positive thinking is so essential to achieving your dreams because in order to actually attain something that you never thought would be possible you have to think it possible.
Remember every day as you go about preparing to achieve your dreams, every small step you take will help you get closer to your goals. Whether an event is positive or a negative in your journey, it is all part of life’s learning experiences. Finding the good in anything that happens in your life will help you to learn from the experience so that you do not continue to repeat the same mistakes.
If you have trouble trying to come up with the right mindset for positive thinking and being grateful, you may want to try some of the methods that Kim suggests. Thinking about all of the grateful things in your life can be a difficult task for some people if they are not fully relaxed mentally. If you are having problems try Lithos Therapy, a solution for those trying to achieve relaxation.
The official site for this powerful technique can be found at This technique uses chilled and heated rocks during massage to help bring the body and mind to a state of complete relaxation.