Thursday, August 5, 2010

Gratitude – Just What the Doctor Ordered

You are probably aware that showing gratitude can bring a deep sense of happiness, right? Well, did you know that it could also bring better health? It’s true! If you get into the habit of practicing gratitude each and every day, studies have shown that it will make your immune system stronger, and help you approach life from a more positive perspective. A researcher from the University of California discovered that grateful people seem to take better care of themselves in general, and when we take better care of ourselves, we are naturally healthier.

We all have those “off” days when it is difficult to unearth the gratitude that is buried within each of us. We might be in a bad mood, or recovering from some unfortunate incident, and find that it is simply hard to think of anything for which to be grateful. Never fear! Thanks to Kim Serafini, who is an expert on the use of Positive Psychology,  there is a new book called “I Am Gr8ful For Life,” that can help summon feelings of gratitude and the happiness that goes along with it. This gorgeous book is full of useful resources to help evoke that grateful frame of mind. I recommend you check out the book on her web site at: It really did wonders to help me through some tough times. Now, I glance through it several times a week, always discovering something new for which to be grateful. 

The health effects that accompany expressing our gratitude have recently become a hot scientific topic. Studies show that our expressions of appreciation are genuine sources of human strength. This strength enhances our personal and relational well-being and makes us happier, healthier individuals.  
In other words, be thankful and be well. 
 Happiness can lead to lower blood pressure and a myriad of other positive health effects.  For example, it can lessen the dangers of stress. Research has shown that happier people can have stronger cardiovascular systems and a greater likelihood of reducing their risks of other serious diseases, such as diabetes and hypertension.  

If you need a bit of a boost in reducing stress, I have recently made an exciting discovery called “Lithos Therapy.” If you truly do want something for which to be grateful, you can thank whoever came up with this fantastic idea! This amazing way to relax and unwind is truly unique. During Lithos Therapy, both heated and chilled rock instruments (much like marble sculptures, not river stones) are used during massage to evoke a sense of peace and relaxation. You can read more about it at: This is one more fabulous way of helping us all be healthier and happier.

Each week, as you go through your daily routine, try to focus on at least five things that you feel thankful for. 

They can be small things. If you are unable to think of any, go through the inspirational readings in Kim Serafini’s book until you find some. As you direct your focus on them, be aware of the sense of peace that overcomes you and know that you have just made yourself healthier. 

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